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"Bandera And The Colt Revolver"

It was around 1842 when one of the first Colt Revolvers was used in battle just ten miles north of Bandera Texas. The pistol was the first of what would later change the way battles against especially the Comanches were fought. This pistol was not up to par according to today's standards but it was a good start.
There are different accounts I have heard of this battle at "Bandera Pass" but I tend to believe the one that describes that the Texas Rangers were isued two revolvers each with an extra cylinder for each gun. The guns would shoot five shots and the cylinder would be changed out with the extra one but they couldn't be reloaded in the field.
I thought it interesting that this became a transition from fighting on the ground with a musket to being horseback shooting a pistol and this all took place twelve miles from the Flying L Guest Ranch in the Cowboy Capitol of the World.
Stop by the ranch and we"ll show you around, look off in the distance toward Bandera Pass and remenece over a good cup of coffee.
Thanks, Buck Shannon

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"Flying L Matches"

Recently we found the original matchbook from the Flying L Ranch. The matches are believed to be from 1947 the year we had the grand opening and we were able to get them reproduced.
Stop by the ranch for yours.